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have a great wednesday. police are trying to find out who would take the life of a local medical researcher. contract talks, they are causing major delays and cancellations to one airline, not because of the pilots being on strike. more on this straight ahead: and the navel academy hosts their version of the dance on youtube. those stories straight ahead. good morning, maryland, i'm megan pringle. charley crowson has the day off. if you couldn't stay up to watch the orioles game, that's
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understandable. it pretty much just ended. it wrapped up about a half hour ago and it took 18 innings. the final score 4-2. we'll have all the highlights coming up at 5:00 this morning. but in the meantime another big story today, weather. weather wise it should be a lot calmer than what we saw yesterday. look at this. this is what it looked like near d.c. strong winds uprooted trees there which then fell right on top of homes, a blinding downpour. check that out, 270 near fredrick causing accidents and delaying a lot of events happening in the community there in fredrick county. i know, lynette, it was wild for a while yesterday. everyone looking out their window pretty nervous this might happen in their back yard. >> exactly. it was wild for a while. flash flood warnings for carroll county and fredrick county. you can see it here in the outline of the green. this is in effect until 5:45 this morning and then things will begin to improve as we head through the day. we look at maryland's most powerful radar right now, we are pretty much in the clear of
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things. we do still have some cloud cover out there this morning, but we will gradually get some clearing as we go through the afternoon hours. right now temperature 66 degrees in churchville. we are going to be very breezy as we go throughout the day. mostly cloudy as you wake up this morning, breezy, 63 degrees. by lunchtime that temperature partly cloudy and 70 degrees. late get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. how are the roads? >>reporter: good morning, lynette. so far so good if you are using the swr fx to get into the city. there are no delays from 695 all the way downtown to east fayette street. that stretch all together will take you 11 minutes. everything will be up to speed traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. as we check outside, live look at the beltway at liberty road, everything moving along just fine, no delays from 795 all the way down to route 40. and here's what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road, no problems. traveling the outer loop down -- inner loop down towards 95 and the outer loop clear
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towards towson. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. megan, over to you. he was in the community 16 years. sergeant ann lockren of the sheriff's department is being laid to rest. he passed away last week after suffering a heart attack. lockren began feeling the symptoms at the funeral of another sergeant. services are being held in joppa this morning. lockren leaves behind a wife and a child. in the meantime, another loss for the harford county sheriff's department to tell you about this morning. the man on your screen, 10 moyer, a former sheriff, he passed away at the age of 83 on monday. he started with the state police and became sheriff back in 1986. during his time he helped with several youth programs in the county and following ceremonies as well. a memorial service is happening this saturday at the mountain christian church. that's happening at 11:00 in the morning. police are calling it a
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random murder, an nih researcher killed near his northeast baltimore home. abc 2 news' linda stow is live this morning at police headquarters. linda, what do police know right now? >>reporter: they think he was a victim of a robbery attempt. police don't have much to go on right now. they don't have a lead or suspects. drft peter marv il was found by himonday night, shot multiple times. police say he had just parked his car and was going home to see his family when it happened. police were back out at the scene on chesterfield avenue near hering run park yesterday, stopping suspicious cars and passing out crime stoppers flyers. marvet was an accomplished medical professional. he did his post-doctorate work at the university of maryland school of medicine and was a clinical researcher at nih. >> an individual who has given quite a lot to society and we're investigating this death just like any other. this is a heinous crime and it's atypical for the community that it happened. >>reporter: now, there is a
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dlshz 2000 reward being offered in the case. if you have any information that could help, call metro crime stoppers at 866 high pressure 7-lockup. we're live at city police headquarters, linda stow, abc 2 news. two people remain at large this morning following a severe beating of an eld dersberg man right in front of his home. neighbors heard the victim calling for help. they found him covered in plood. that victim claimed this all began when a man and a woman appeared at his front door. >> i knocked on the door. they wanted to use the phone. and after he said no, he closed the door, and then later on he came back out to leave, and then that's when the guys came behind him, i think, and hit him over the head with the gun, the barrel of the gun. >> the victim has been treated for his injuries and released from the hospital. police right now are not releasing his name. big headaches for travelers flying on american airlines. turns out about 65 flights,
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they have been scrapped and that's just for today. 250 flights have been nixed so far this week. the airlines says that the problem is the pilots. now, it claims that they are calling in sick more and they are filing more maintenance reports which is causing more flights to be delayed. only about 64% of the flights took off on time this week alone. now, the parent company of american is under bankruptcy protection. they have not reached a deal on contract cuts with the pilots union. it is back to class today for about 350,000 steubilities in chicago. teachers have agreed to get back to work after more than a week of walking on the picket line in a battle over a new contract. the teachers union president karen lewis says that the latest contract settlement doesn't solve all of the problems, however, she does say that it was time to end the strike. >> the issue is we cannot get a perfect contract, there's no such thing as a contract that would make all of us happy, and
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we're realistic about that. >> teachers still have to vote on the proposal, so we will definitely hear more about this story. the white house now coming out and saying that there is no proof so far that the deadly attack on the united states embassy in libya was planned, but it does say that it is a matter that is still under investigation and that the assessment could change. libya's president has said that he believes that foreigners came into the country and planned the attack to coincide with september 11th. the white house says it looks like violent protests were sparked from an anti-islam film made in the united states. the army has developed body armor that is tailored specifically to fit women. the vest accommodates smaller torsos and they sit closer to a woman's chest. they are being used for the first time by female soldiers from fort campbell who are deployed to afghanistan. female soldiers has said that poor-fitting armor did make their scrobs more difficult. women make up 14% of the army
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and are closer to combat than they have ever been before. an innocent walk through his neighborhood lands a 10- year-old boy from sagona park in the hospital. officials say it's because this boy was walking with a bamboo stick in his hand and it accidently hit a power line. he was rushed to johns hopkins. we're told his injuries are serious, however, they are not life threatening. if you haven't had a chance to voice your opinion, you are getting another chance. it's happening tonight. the baltimore city council right now hosting a forum to talk about how bge can improve their operations and better communicate with their customers when they lose power. so tonight's meeting if you're interested, it starts at 5:00. it's happening at city hall. i know a lot of people do want to speak out about that because that's one of the biggest frustrations, lynette, and one of the things we worry about with weather like we saw yesterday, are you going to lose power. >> exactly. not a good thing. we did have winds gusting over
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60 miles per hour, megan. it was rough out there yesterday, heavy downpours, we have a flash flood warning in effect for fredrick and also carroll until 5:45. but look at the naix. most of the nation right now is dry. we have to step over toward the east where that cold front is beginning to slide away from us. we will begin to dry things out as we go throughout the day. you zoom in, you can see we're basically left with cloud cover this morning and we will begin to get some gradually clearing out there. so not only will we see some more sunshine as we go throughout the day, we're also going to get some cooler air and also some dryer air in. yesterday the dewpoints were in the upper 60s to 70s, today we're looking at the 50s to upper 40s in hagerstown. let's send this over to megan. >> get ready, lynette, because i know you've seen some variation of this dance by now. it's the korean pop music video and it has gone viral. look at this now. locally it turns out some
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students at the navel academy there in annapolis, they're good, they're moving, having some fun with it, posting it on youtube. it's spirit week leading up to the football game. this video comes ahead of this weekend's game against bmi. i'm pretty impressed. i've seen a couple people around the newsroom. they look good, don't they? stay with us this morning, the father/daughter dance can be a huge treat for not only the parents but also the child. it turns out one school district now banning the activity. what caused the school to pull the plug. and if you find gaming expansion in our state, just wait, more on the way. good morning, megan. everything is up to speed here on the harrisburg expressway at warren road. i'll let you know how it's shaping up on 95 and the beltway coming up on "good morning maryland." you are taking a live look at new york city, at times square, great way to start the day. stay with us. we'll have much more coming up
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so hard she actually had to take him to the doctor. >> when you paddle a child, you pop their behind, you don't abuse them. this wag r was abuse. this was so bad it left bruises. >> the mom who paddled her son wants to be fired. the school now looking into allegations. they say all the procedures were actually followed. students in rhode island, they're going to have one last activity on their schedule this school year. the school will actually no longer have gender-specific events such as daddy/daughter dances or mother/son dances.
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this move comes after a single mother got offended when her daughter receive add father/daughter dance invitation and claiming that dance is actually discriminatory. >> i've been doing it since i was a child and i think so my kids have a right to have the same with their moms and dads too. >> we do the kids a disservice when we promote gender stereotypes or we prevent any event that might make a family feel excluded. >> the superintendent says she had to cancel the event because the law states that no student can be excluded from a school event because of gender. it may be a pumpkin patch this fall, the dry, hot weather that we've experienced, it actually hurt the annual crop across the country. in illinois, for example, some farmers have seen almost their entire crops completely wiped out and the prices could jump as much as 30%. so farmers in illinois, they're going to have to basically look to other crops that weren't damaged by all the hot weather to boost their supply for
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halloween. that's something that a lot of us are definitely going to be looking for the pumpkins and you're probably going to have to pay a little bit more. lynette is here with a look at weather. lauren has traffic. before we discuss any of that, we want to show you a new photo. charley was off last week because his daughter was born. we want to show you baby olivia. what a little peanut. isn't that the sweetest photo? charley apparently getting some sleep right now. in that picture, i don't know if you can tell, but she's sleeping on dad, as happy as can be. nothing sweeter than a newborn, so hopefully charley will keep those pictures coming throughout the week and definitely like him on facebook and check him out because i know he's put some pibilities up there. >>reporter: she's adorable. he actually came into the station yesterday and said she's just so tiny. and she grasps onto his little pinky finger. >> melts your heart. >>reporter: so sweet. i can't wait to meet her. >> that newborn stage is very short. so hopefully he's enjoying it. something we did not enjoy yesterday, that weather.
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i know we needed the rain, but it was scary. the sky was gray and those winds were brutal. >> it was just dreary all day long, and finally when that heavy band of rain kicked in, that's when we felt it. again, very windy. we had that line of showers and thunderstorms roll through the area. now he we are in the clear of things. as we look at satellite and radar, things drying out this morning. we do still have clouds hovering across the area, but we will get some gradually clearing as we go throughout the day. you can see it as we look back off towards the west. you can see the clearing line in pennsylvania, that will begin to work its way in here as we go throughout the afternoon, more sunshine in the forecast. in the meantime we're going to be dealing with temperatures from the north and west, to the south and east that will begin to drop off as we go through the morning. so that cold front, you're going to feel it doing its thing. temperature right now in emmettsburg 56 degrees. 58 in mount airy, rockville 58. jefferson 57. northville at 56 degrees. we can see annapolis at 60.
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federalsburg at 63 and centreville coming in at 63 exreas right now. -- degrees right now. we'll be dealing with windy conditions for today. it is going to be on the breezy side. already we have these winds sustained at seven miles in baltimore, 10 in d.c. and also easton. this will continue as we go into the afternoon. we can see future trend clearing us out nicely as we go throughout the day and that will continue as we go into tomorrow and even friday. the temperature coming in at 72 degrees. it will be cooler, breezy, partly cloudy, so we will have that sun/cloud mix. mostly clear by tonight. you see that 48? we will have that chill in the air. by tomorrow, 75, mostly sunny and nice. this is that seven-day forecast, as fall begins as we head into saturday, but we do have some showers, but we clear out nicely for the game on sunday. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning, what do you have for us? >>reporter: as you are using 95 in the white marsh area, there is absolutely nothing to get in your way. you're looking at just a 15- minute ride from route 43 all the way into the city. for those of you using 695, no
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problems to report from parkville all the way up towards towson, and as we head over to the northwest koarp and take a live look outside at old court road, you'll notice activity. no delays to get in your way as you travel down towards route 40. this is 795 at cockiesmill road, no worries getting to 695 from this point. that is a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. lauren, over to you. -- megan, over to you. the state's attorney's in florida is expected to release a new set of documents in the case against george zimmerman. zimmerman confessed to killing an unarmed teenager in self- defense. they are looking to cancel all agreements with film studios and charge more for film. the company is under bankruptcy protection and is struggling to compete in today's digital age. governor o'malley kicking off the pitch across maryland bus tour. it starts today at unbc.
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now, it's all part of the invest in maryland initiative which puts the spotlight on entrepreneurs in baltimore. shop rite is hosting its annual bagging for hunger event and it's all to help families in need. it's happening at the new shop rite on parren parkway and all the proceeds are going to help stock the shelves of local food banks. after days of delays, the shult endeavour is expected -- space shuttle endeavour is expected to make the flight to los angeles today. bad weather kept pushing back the takeoff te. the shuttle is being put on display at the california science center. finally going to happen today. seems like you can't watch your favorite tv show today watching a commercial for or against gambling expansion here in maryland. more ads are on their way so get ready. mgm resorts spending more than $3 million to get you to support the expansion of gambling. the hope is that you will vote in favor this november. penn national gaming which is opposed to the expansion, they have spent about $9 1/2 million
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so far. actress elizabeth hurly has come out with a new line of bathing suits for little girls. however, some parents right now not too happy with the designs. we're going to show you the swimsuit and explain why so many people are upset. plus kohl's right now looking to hire. we'll tell you about where you can make a little extra cash over the holidays straight ahead. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino.
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four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. actress elizabeth hurly is causing a splash over her latest adventure and it's not in a good way. some are saying bikinis for girls, like the one you see on your screen, too sexy for children and advocates right now calling the pieces disturbing and inappropriate. hurly is telling the daily mail this morning the bathing suits are selling extremely well and they are seeing repeat customers. just a couple of weeks ago jessica simpson came under fire, you may remember this, when she showed off a picture of her newborn, a 4-month-old daughter wearing a bikini on katie couric's new show.
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let us know what -- let us know what you think about babies, is that swimwear line too provacative for little girls or is it no big deal? we'd love to know your opinion. head to our facebook page, let us know, we're always curious. this is one of the things i always talk about. i told my family, like, one pieces, please, for my daughters. but they're adorable no matter what. weather wise. >> yes. >> much better than yesterday. we're going to dry things out this morning. we have clouds still hovering. but behind it we're still going to be very breezy behind that front and we're also going to cool down. the sun will come out as we get into the afternoon. so a much improved day. i think you're going to like it if you can just get rid of all the windy conditions with the hair and everything. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we're mainly dry. you can see we're really starting to dry things out. if you are traveling down to calbert county, you are seeing a few showers around that area. other than that things looking
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pretty good this morning. if you are heading to the bus stop, well, this is what we have for you, 58 degrees this morning, a little on the coolish side, seasonably cool. as we go into the afternoon, we will not warm up that much, coming in around 72 degrees, the temperature is below average. let's get a check of the abc time saver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. those o's rock. >>reporter: they certainly did. 18 innings, absolutely unbelievable. way to go, orioles, hopefully they can continue that winning streak. if you are hitting the roads this morning, no problems on the harrisburg expressway. here's a live look outside north at 695. it will remain clear as you get onto the jfx. if you are using 95 to get into the city, here's what it looks like downtown at 395, everything moving right along. if you are using 95 from the white marsh area all the way into the city, you're looking at a 15-minute ride. 695, that's going to be in great shape, traveling the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83, that stretch will take you 11 minutes. there are no concerns right now on the west side of the beltway. you're looking at

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